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Meet The Owner

Thanks for visiting,  I'm Patricia, the owner and I live in Dublin.  After working in Technology for 25 years I was looking  to do something completely different.  I have two grown up daughters so I am lucky to have a lot of time back to invest in the business.  I do everything  myself from the website, social media, marketing and making up your orders and sending them.  I love the interaction with customers and the great feeling when when someone receives their order and they are really amazed. I love home interiors and entertaining guests so Tableinabox is a joy to work on.  This page talks a little bit about the company journey so far and our values. 

All About Tableinabox

Tableinabox was created during the COVID-19 lockdown in October 2020.  The idea was born through not being able to find really nice napkins and a tablecloth for my own home.  I couldn't find the quality and uniqueness I was looking for on the high-street or online locally and thought well others must find this difficult too.  I also thought if someone where getting me a gift I'd love to receive some beautiful linen napkins or a beautiful cotton tablecloth.  And so that was the starting point of Tableinabox, Table Linen and Unique Gifts.  Everything you need to dress your table for any occasion and the perfect gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, house warmings, engagements, gifts for those who love to entertain and for those who love home interiors.

The core values of Tableinabox is to provide excellent quality responsibly sourced products that you won't find on the high street.  We deal with small suppliers that have unique products not massed produced.  The quality is always fantastic and because they are sourced responsibly we are doing our bit for the artisans who produce them and the environment.  

The tagline at Tableinabox is "The Gift You Will Love Giving".  We recognise when you are purchasing a gift for those special occasions you want it to be stunning and surprising for your recipient.  I always go out of my way to make the Gifts look amazing and I always try to add something extra to each one.  Why not read some of our customer feedback to see what I mean!

Patricia The Owner