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Block Prints for Spring and Summer

This Spring/Summer season tableinabox has some beautiful handmade block prints in our collection. I wanted to share some information about these beautiful handmade products, where they are from, how they are made and responsibly sourced.

Little Floral Mineral Green Tablescape

This table setting is actually mineral green but these photos were taken during our beautiful sunny weather and in the sunlight it appears more blue/green! The patterns are achieved from block printing which really makes the table come alive! The quality of the material is absolutely excellent and the patterns are unique. Different napkin styles create contrast with the tablecloth and a few simple accessories only need to be added.

Little Lotus Roza - Floral Coral Tablescape

This is the little lotus Roza - floral coral tablescape and the colour is vibrant and feminine. Again the napkins can be a mix and match with the tablecloth and the detail of the block print is beautiful with both tablecloth and napkins having a stripe border detail.

What is Block Printing?

Hand block print is an ancient tradition from India. Craftsmen stamp the cotton fabric with a carved wooden block – depending on the design and amount of colours – dozen of times. The printing process is complex, and takes time and skill to master. The beauty of the products lies in the imperfection of the human hand. Everything is printed very precisely however as it is handmade each textile is printed slightly different. This distinguishes a handprinted textile from a machine printed one. And makes each finished item unique.


Tableinabox has teamed up with the Dutch brand Rozablue, not only do I love their designs but I support their values and ethos. A little bit below about the products and their makers and why we like to support brands like these.

Fair trade

Rozablue has a close relationship with the Indian company that makes the products. The people behind it feel like family. All fabrics are handprinted and made by highly skilled artisans. Junior block printers get the chance to be trained to become full block printers. The staff work with great dedication and precision according to the fair-trade guidelines.

Good care for the makers

Fair trade is self-evident and gives us comfort staff are treat well. The staff making the products work in good working conditions, with sustainable production methods and fair wages. There is absolutely no child labour. In return, they share their craftsmanship with us.

Preserve this colourful tradition

We ensure that the ancient tradition of block printing will stay. Sadly this craft is gradually disappearing from the textile industry. Preserving this colourful tradition in India is at the heart of what Rozablue do and we are happy to support this.

What's Included?

Items included in Tablescape Photoshoot:

Items included in the Little Floral Mineral Green Tablescape:

So if you purchase anything from this collection, know that you are also supporting these values and the wonderful artisans that produce these high quality unique products !


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