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A great week of celebration was had at ! We were 1 year old on Tuesday and we wanted to share a little bit of our story so far with you. Tableinabox was founded October 2020 by Fiona Doody and Patricia Shields. Both of us wanted to run our own business, we are neighbours while chatting one day about not being able to find nice tableware we got the idea! Wouldn't it be great if someone found all the items for you and made your table look great for any occasion! We wanted to give our company some values like excellent quality, sustainable materials, ethically sourced, unique gifts and different to what you might find on the high street! Fiona worked in Logistics and Marketing and has an MBA in Business Administration; she has two teenage sons. Patricia worked in Cyber Security and Software development and has a Masters in Fintech and she has two daughters. Both of us moved to a new house in Goatstown in 2018 and that is how we met. It's great being neighbours as we can have meetings and do our table settings in each other's houses easily!

During the pandemic it was difficult as we could not see each other in person for a few months so we did our meetings online. Once retractions eased we went to the green in our estate with our dogs and had meetings there. So we are really delighted now we are back to normal face to face meetings, and we can work together on table settings and brainstorm new ideas.

This week we marked the occasion with some Champagne and photos of one of our New Christmas table settings. We are running a Giveaway on our Instagram page for a fabulous Gisela Graham Christmas decoration tableinabox and the winner will be announced on Friday! We also posted stories of our journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Instagram, everywhere basically! We were featured on ShopInIreland's Instagram page and will have a small mention in the Irish Examiner weekend edition. A jammed packed week! Thank you to all our supporters and followers for making this week a real celebration! Watch out for our Halloween Treat next week!

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