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Top 4 Gift Ideas for Spring 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We've got the gift guide to cover all those special occasions coming soon... Mother's day, Spring birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, House Warmings, Easter and anniversaries!

If you've got a special gift to buy, read our gift guide to get some fabulous ideas!


Idea#1: Linen Napkin Giftsets

Why not surprise your lovely Mum with a beautiful set of six 100% linen napkins, in a range of beautiful colours plus love heart napkin holders or white Easter bunny ears in each giftset. Mother's day gifts will come with our "Happy Mother's Day" branded logo.

Idea #2: Table Setting Giftsets

Is someone you know getting married, engaged or moving into their new home together? A lot of us are giving money as gifts these days but I think it's always nice to get a thoughtful gift, they were not expecting ! A stunning table setting giftset that will help them start off their new future in style and prepare for all those great dinner parties, you will be inviting to, of course! These beautiful 100% cotton block hand printed tablecloths and napkins in delicate floral designs are amazing quality and come in beautiful colours. The giftset has six napkins, a tablecloth and two gorgeous white ceramic candlesticks with matching candles.

Idea #3: Table Setting Giftset Option 2

If you have a big birthday or anniversary coming up and are finding it hard to pick something for her, as she pretty much has it all! I guarantee she will love this gift. Our table runner and napkin giftsets are really colourful and vibrant and make wonderful gifts. They come with a really generous size table runner, six napkins, and a gorgeous white candleholder and matching candles.

Idea #4: Really Pretty Glass Candlesticks

These are gorgeous! Colourful lightweight glass candlesticks in a wide variety of colours and beautiful designs. They are a wonderful gift for house warmings or weddings. One to suit any home colour scheme and something a bit different. They are available individually so you can choose one or a pair. These are a fabulous gift for couples, sister's, friends, Mums or just for yourself!

Wrapping Up

Whatever the occasion, we can find a great gift for you. Any product can be gifted and the above are just some ideas to think about if you have an upcoming wedding, house warming or for Mother's day. Contact me, Patricia, if you would like to get something bespoke ! Happy Gifting !


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